Elumatec SBZ 122/74 Machining Centre


The newly designed SBZ 122 model family is at the entry level for the automated processing of aluminum, plastic and steel profiles new standards for performance, ergonomics and value. Intelligent control technology, powerful servo motors and designed for high speeds machine bed ensure speed and efficiency with perfect finishing. The latest component of the control over the speed-controlled spindle to energy efficient drives reduce operating costs and ensure optimum results.

The new SBZ 122 generation offers with minimum floor space maximum processing area, which reduces the overall productivity per square meter plant area further increases. Another advantage is the modular structure of the model. Thus they can be configured according to different customer requirements.

Thanks to the various models and numerous equipment options, users can choose the exact machine that meets their needs:

4-axis version for Metal customers and industrial users
inter alia, autonomous clamp shifting with clamps on linear guides, A-axis for stepless angular adjustment, tapping without compensating chuck

Your benefits at a glance

Processing up to 300 x 300 mm
Minimum footprint through the protective cabinet of the machine
Precise work results, even at high speeds
Low power consumption through intelligent control technology
High process reliability even with rapidly changing loads through speed-controlled spindle
Short processing cycles by high travel speeds of servo axes
Ergonomic working thanks to modern slant bed, undisguised spindle and adjustable operating unit
Safer by tensioner triggering by radio button and protection cabin
Installation of the machine within the shortest time
New machine bed

The new concept is fundamental. The traveling column moves on a machine bed, which is designed as a modern slant bed. By 45 ° inclination, the chips fall downwards, which considerably facilitates cleaning. When inserting the profile of the machine operator can closely approach the machine table and work as ergonomic. The bed is sized for high speeds with minimal vibration behavior. The machine has a large work area with minimum footprint. The protective cabin also serves the noise reduction.

A-axis angle adjustment

4-axis machine SBZ 122/74 with variable angle adjustment from -120 ° to + 120 °


By default, the SBZ 122 equipped with four all-new clamps are distinguished by their slim design and high rigidity. An extension of up to eight clamps is possible. In the SBZ 122/74 they are equipped with linear guides rather than circular waveguides.

Technical specifications

Max. Machining length 4,100 mm
A-axis angle adjustment -120 ° to + 120 ° continuously
X axis travel 4170 mm, Vmax. 120 m / min.
Y axis 900 mm, Vmax. 60 m / min.
Z axis travel 500mm, Vmax. 50 m / min.
Rotating tool max. 20,000 1 / min.
Milling spindles 7 kW, S1
Automatic tool exchange
Spanner shift autonomously
Spanner Premium (with linear guide)
Cubicle optionally closed all around, with additional sound insulation
Ease of use through the modern elumatec Customer Interface (ECI)
Stationary tool magazine with four seats, optional flexible expandable with additional tool magazines with up to 20 seats
By default, four clamps. Expandable up to eight tensioners
Optional right material reference stop for applying the workpieces
Further optional extensions: among other things, multiple spindle, vacuum clamping tables, dual voltage and further accessories on request
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