Elumatec DG 244 Double Mitre Saw



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The reliable elumatec principle “Cutting from below”:

  • Provides unhindered access to support table
  • A large saw blade diameter and optimal use of the saw blade offer an ideal cutting capacity for all cutting variations
  • Standard for elumatec: External dimension cuts at all angle positions. This means no length calculations are necessary when cutting profiles of different heights
  • The universal pivoting and tilting of both saw units allows cutting of high and wide profiles as well as every type of compound mitre. Consequently, many profiles can be cut without support blocks
  • External-dimension cuts possible for all cutting variations. Consequently, no complicated length calculations are necessary. This is a big advantage when cutting special angles
  • Safety hoods
  • Equipped with saw blades as standard
  • Pulsed coolant system

Technical specifications

  • Minimum cutting length at 90° 375 mm
  • Minimum cutting length tilted at 45° 375 mm
  • Pivoting range inwards, pneumatically, 90° – 45°
    (manually up to 22.5° inwards and up to 140° outwards with digital display)
  • Tilting range inwards, pneumatically, 90° – 45°
    (intermediate angles manually adjustable with digital read-out display and turret stop)
  • For cutting range, see cutting diagram
  • Saw blade diameter 550 mm
  • Saw blade speed 2,250 rpm
  • Power supply 230/400 V, 3~, 50 Hz
  • Power output per motor 4 kW
  • Compressed air supply 7 bar
  • Air consumption per working cycle 40 l without spraying, 64 l with spraying

Cutting length variants

  • 4,500 mm
  • 6,000 mm
  • 7,500 mm


  • DG 244 M machine bed made of steel sheet
  • Hydro-pneumatic saw feed
  • Saw feed – minimum cutting length 400 mm
  • Profile lifting bars
  • Additional software for E 580: Optimisation program, Software module for chop and oversize length cuts
  • Mobile or automatically retractable workpiece supports
  • Material clamping units
  • Transom stop and lead-cut stop
  • Label printer for variants with E 355 and E 580
  • Exhaust connectors, extraction system
  • Clock system
  • Roller conveyor
  • Saw blades
  • High performance cutting fluid


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